16 languages made it through to the 2nd round of the Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2021

Here are the match-ups:

Tried a few Mastodon clients but I didn't like either of them. Bums me out. I reckon these things are all playing into Mastodon not getting traction despite its appeal to a lot of people. Just a hassle.

I started writing the lore for a post/during World War 2 Europe where the war goes slightly differently and unionists seize control of Hungary. I'm not sure how to make baseball like ten million times more popular in the lore than how it actually is but I might have some ideas.

live streamed folk punk show featuring days n daze and apes of the state!!!! tomorrow at 2 pm pacific!!!!!!!!! via youtube and facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!

boost this around for awareness!

So I got this boardgame called Deadball which is a baseball simulation game and I'm thinking about doing some role-play-ish stuff with it, like creating teams and players and leagues and "playing" the matches like it was an actual thing. Plus I have this idea of basically creating a whole alternate history behind the league with the world being completely different.

This is the most punk thing I've seen and heard in the last 10 years. Can't wait for ABC Fest!

First bands announced for Anarchist Black Cross solidarity festival! See you there folks!

Oh my, this was a pleasant surprise, seems like everything's dandy-like so HoI4 strims inc.

Let's see if OBS works on my gaming laptop. Might do some Hearts of Iron alternate history videos.

Nevermind it was UFW. I'm not comfortable with this sort of thing.

I can connect my DigitalOcean droplet VPN without issues but connection to port 80 times out. WTF :D

Also gonna dump a few designs I've made in the last few weeks at some point, just need to consolidate them.

Made these this morning, can't choose though. The full red looks cleaner but I like the split circle too.

All summed up, the biggest brag from the nazis yesterday was spitting on one of ours while we managed to slap quite a few of them so that's a win in my book.

Enough is Enough: **#Rotterdam, #Tweebosbuurt: Free Anton!**

"Rotterdam, Netherlands. He has a smiling face, his eyes are filled with sweetness and in the midst of silence, I can still hear him shouting Fuck them and their law."


#anarchism #bot

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