Yesterday a huge number of neo-nazis from Hungary and all over Europe had their annual gathering in Budapest. As every year, us, antifascists started organizing early to try and disrupt their little jamboree but unlike previous years, this time we finally outnumbered them. It was a joint effort by the Hungarian roma community, NGOs, commies, anarchists and "civilians". We managed to get fairly close to them and even though the cops were on top of their game, some nazis got slapped.

The "free" media covered the event in an "alright" fashion ranging from absolutely positive to somewhat cynical but still shining the light on why this sort of resistance is needed. The government's lapdogs obviously tried to frame us as hippies, communists (which has an utterly negative meaning in Hungary with all the Soviet occupation) and "destructive degenerates" (sic).


But then again, these media outlets are resourced from the same pockets as the nazis, letting them to organize their "commemorative endurance hike" from government money.

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