I'll also have a very strict policy of accepting gifts from friends and family and I don't give a wank who gets butthurt over it. No fucking football jerseys, no Minecraft and all that bollocks, it'll all get burned to fuck.

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Went clotheshopping for the baby yesterday, everything is either sports/videogame/disney shit or HEAVILY gendered. Really hard to pick a decent amount of clothes that will be enough and also have some variety. I don't want to influence my kid's taste by making them grow up in stuff we like, it happened to me and it was really hard to distinguish when I got to an age where self-expression was starting to form

Day started great, spilled my coffee all over the counter and the floor and spent 20 minutes cleaning it up.

I'm also planning to get some Cannadips pouches to try both for me and my partner, some anxiety and pain relief could come in handy for both of us.

On an unrelated note, my Sneak starter pack arrived and the first flavor I tried - Cherrybomb - completely blew my mind. Really cool.

I just like looking like a white trash baseball guy with cut offs and a mullet. That doesn't make me identify more as a man, it makes me identify as someone who likes wearing those things.

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Sometimes I feel like I'm a fraud cause I look and act like a man, so I should just identify as one, right? Well I fucking hate that concept and I don't want to identify as male. Or female as a matter of fact.

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I can't keep but wonder how valid my gender identity is, I project masculine but calling myself male makes me uncomfortable and borderline disgusting. I hate how I have to struggle with these thoughts constantly.

Finished Stranger Things 4 and caught up on The Boys. Now binging The Umbrella Academy, I regret not watching this earlier!

I always wanted to see them live, I feel like that's the closest I'll ever get to it :D

I fucking hate security barricades and gaps between the audience and the stage. Fuck that shit.

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Ngl this expansion subscription was an absolutely amazing idea from Paradox. Even for Hearts of Iron IV there's already 7 DLCs, for Europa Universalis there's like 200 eur worth of them which I'm not planning to buy anytime soon but now I can shell out a fiver and get them for a month and just unsub when I'm not really playin'.

"What did you think of Moneyball?" - Well Netflix, the fact I watched it about 60 times in the last year alone should answer that question, no need to send me emails about it...

Hot damn we got promoted to the Bronze leagues!!! I had a lot of shit to do yesterday so I only had time to check up on my team in the morning before the new leagues were generated and since we got knocked out in the round of 8 of the playoffs I didn't think we'd get the promotion but apparently we did! Absolutely chuffed!!!

Removed Total War: Warhammer 3 from my SSD partition, installed 5 games so far in its place and there's still reclaimed space left.

@rixraw well at least my missing front tooth has *some* representation.

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