Tried the cold brew pod I got with some oat milk. Even though it's an utter sin, it tastes great.

YouTube BS 

@rixraw maybe you got really unlucky and your videos were actually "watched" by a bot network somehow. Either way, Youtube shouldn't punish you as you're a victim of it :/

YouTube BS 

@rixraw is there a Youtube support or customer service? They might just outright refuse to tell you what this whole thing is tbf 🤷

YouTube BS 

Does anyone have any experience with youtube locking videos to private falsely claiming it violated some guidelines? (Certainly done automatically.)
I can't appeal, it says "Appeal not available" and I'm struggling to find any contact aside from the general "feedback" option.

Watching The Gentlemen the nth time. Really love this movie, the cast and the acting is just chef's kiss.

Speaking of package upgrades, I check the possible upgrades on every Tuesday around this time so chances are this is going to be a regular few minute outage.

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Instance going down for a few minutes for package upgrades and all that jazz

Just realized the Obsidian note-taking (and also a lot of things doing) app can sync via iCloud for free even from mobile, that’s an absolute game changer.

One of my pitchers threw a no-hitter in OOTP Perfect Team! STOKED!

I really want a strategy game that somehow makes diplomacy as cool and satisfying as warfare. Cause honestly even if you want to get into that sort of things it's usually just dialogs and not much else while combat is always spectacular as fuck.

It’s freaky Boston offense is either super effective with having 80% runs/hits ratio or abysmal having 0 conversions out of 8-9 hits. I wish the first happened more frequently…

I want to get used to reading more. I read an article today saying the person reads between half an hour to an hour every morning and evening. That sounds achievable.
I also want to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier but that might not happen. 😹

Ah shit they added Knuckle to Netflix. It's a great documentary about bare knuckle fighting in traveler communities in the UK and Ireland.

Now the thing with the "Rookie" tier of the league system is a lot of people grind money in it by fielding a shit team in the entry pool and then putting on an all-100 roster in the season, hope I'm not getting fucked over by p2w and have a real chance of doing something.

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Yowza, logged in to Perfect Team today and was greeted by two surprises:
I had 10.5k moneys and my team somehow made it to the playoffs.
I quickly bought 3 gold card packs and Sean Murphy for the Catcher position and my team is looking pretty fucking good:

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