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Any leftist discourse that doesn't include animal rights is unacceptable for me.

You know the feeling when you have so much to say to someone but you feel like it's a burden and don't want to put it on them. Welcome to my life.

I also nicked a guitar as well but I'm having a very hard time using my fingers after bouldering every day so it'll be a ways to go before I'll be able to channel my disappointment and anger into this thing.

I asked a friend of mine to record a few folk punk chord progressions with an acoustic guitar or maybe even write a few basic songs. The idea is to try and come up with some banjo sidejob and do the percs with my washboard. The real question is should the lyrics be emo as fuck or political as fuck. Or both.

Unrelated, finally managed to get my own ActivityPub instance follows working. One step towards the dream.

Watching Training Day for the millionth time. Denzel is such a legend. Cops are still garbage though.

my gender appeared to me in the form of impossibly-interlocking wheels spinning, glowing, and bristling with eyes and wings and said "be not afraid" and, let me tell you, that was not super reassuring

Not to mention the fact all of the domestic terrorist attacks in the US had ties to or were directly commited by white supremacist groups.

Antifa is as much a terrorist organization as it is an organization. Of course antifascists should be afraid and not let’s say NSM or KKK members. Amazing level of ignorance.

Thanks @emerican for making awesome videos. I've been considering starting something similar in Hungarian for a while, still not feel comfortable about showing my face though. :D

I wish every time someone asked me if I'm "a member of" antifa, a neonazi would drop dead. That would speed things up significantly.

I have a hard time following people from all around the mastodon ecosystem idk

I'll write up a quick guide at some point how to generate and use such things.

And if we're on the topic, please use PGP keys and all that. It makes things so much better. SO. MUCH. BETTER.

I would've never guessed stephen yaxley-lennon aka tommy robinson is a massive coke fiend and he's fueling his habit with the money of his supporters. :^)

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