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But then again, these media outlets are resourced from the same pockets as the nazis, letting them to organize their "commemorative endurance hike" from government money.

The "free" media covered the event in an "alright" fashion ranging from absolutely positive to somewhat cynical but still shining the light on why this sort of resistance is needed. The government's lapdogs obviously tried to frame us as hippies, communists (which has an utterly negative meaning in Hungary with all the Soviet occupation) and "destructive degenerates" (sic).

Yesterday a huge number of neo-nazis from Hungary and all over Europe had their annual gathering in Budapest. As every year, us, antifascists started organizing early to try and disrupt their little jamboree but unlike previous years, this time we finally outnumbered them. It was a joint effort by the Hungarian roma community, NGOs, commies, anarchists and "civilians". We managed to get fairly close to them and even though the cops were on top of their game, some nazis got slapped.

Think I'm gonna start dumping links to articles and books here for keeping them in one place until I find a better way to organize them.

Inevitable take but uh...

Every human being denied access to a home, to healthcare, or to food has been sacrificed.

Every human being left to languish in a cell, taken on a 'starlight tour', frozen to death in the streets, or otherwise executed is a human that has been sacrificed.

If you're going to come out strongly against ~human sacrifice~ (for some fucking reason) maybe take aim at our own modern world instead of using it to justify a colonial genocide? Please.

I feel like my guitar playing career hit a snag when it came to actually playing the instrument.

Went to a rally today for gender recognition for all, around 30-40 people despite the lashing rain. Even though I'm not directly affected by these issues, I think it's very important to attend and be there as an ally whenever it is possible. We won't back down while our siblings are being overlooked, dehumanized and tortured by the state for absolutely no reason. We will make a change.

Any leftist discourse that doesn't include animal rights is unacceptable for me.

You know the feeling when you have so much to say to someone but you feel like it's a burden and don't want to put it on them. Welcome to my life.

I also nicked a guitar as well but I'm having a very hard time using my fingers after bouldering every day so it'll be a ways to go before I'll be able to channel my disappointment and anger into this thing.

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