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Also driving is just absolutely underwhelming in this game. Even compared to Saints Row and that's not a very tall bar.

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I wish Cyberpunk 2077 wasn't still a giant pile of bugs cause otherwise the story is chef's kiss, even the side stuff.

What a great night. Very on character of me to go to a gig and then get a photo with the merch guy who happens to be the vocalist of a band I also fucking love.
His band is called All Torn Up and it shreds as fuck.

Was almost denied entry to the venue for a punk concert because I’m wearing tracksuit bottoms. 😂

On the other hand the Red Sox got swept 8-0 by the Angels so there's also that :D

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Probably gonna cry after this gig, not even going to deny that.

But giving in is overrated
And I’m sick of being faded
And I’d like my epitaph to read
They made it

On a brighter note, today I get to see one of my favorite bands after missing them at least 3 times by mere days.

Given up on the 18-6 fasting. I just can't do it and I'm not willing to feel miserable all day over the prison that is my body.

All the music I have on my Bandcamp page is free (pay what you want) to download and listen to. I appreciate every single listen and I'm really happy if you enjoy what I made.
However if you did want to buy my music, today would be the day to do it as Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share for the whole day.

So I ended up buying OOTP23 on Steam as well. I can finally play the Perfect Team mode and I'm having tons of fun. Not much success but a lot of fun. :D

Now I already have 20 hours in the game so I can't refund to buy it on Steam.
And that is not the only problem. Steam has a really good Beta system which the devs use to test new builds - also not available on Epic. The feature I want to play most - Perfect Team - is only available for the latest build - which is still waiting for validation on Epic cause they're slow as shit.
So here we are, contemplating on getting the game twice.

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Small rant about the Epic Store. I bought Out of the Park 23 on Epic because they had it a bit cheaper than Steam. I didn't check if it's available for macOS there cause I assumed so as it's always been on other storefronts. Well it isn't. Complained on Discord, one of the devs contacted me and told me they'll look into it. They came back shortly after and said Epic requires some extra shit to release macOS builds so they don't know when it will happen, currently only TBA.

Racism in TV 

I got home and my fiance had 90 Day Fiance on. The behavioral patterns in this show are absolutely wild!
"Dealing with my dad is going to be tough... he's against interracial marriage" - Well dude, time to fuck off from home and not give a wank about the opinions of your racist dickhead dad.

So I have this track that I used to be really sad about, because I couldn't figure it out how to make it "whole". I wanted to add more to it, but none of my ideas felt right in practice. I listened to the track today and I am actually really happy with it as it is.

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