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Getting that Tarkov itch again... Hope we're close to the wipe.

The Dundalk Topcats made it to the playoffs in this tier as well. Super happy about it! It's getting harder and harder to upgrade though. 😂

Poor Winckowski, young kid got called up to the Red Sox last night, gave away 4 runs (1 HR), 6 hits and 3 walks in the three innings he played. Hope he uses this to motivate himself cause we need some good starters.

The Bob's Burgers Movie was an absolute blast. Had a great time watching it.

Next Tuesday evening around 9pm UTC I'll be upgrading the Mastodon version under the instance. There will be some downtime but the upgrade doesn't have any critical changes so it should be smooth.

Stoked to be reading and hopefully playing Shadowrun stuff again

The difference between the state of Hardspace: Shipbreaker when I bought and refunded it and now is gigantic. It's good to see they improved so much by the time it got to 1.0.

Hopefully this Saturday I'll be able to cut the grass and weed the garden out a bit. I'm afraid it's gonna be grueling af 😂

Didn't do a maintenance yesterday, instance might go down for a few minutes, bear with me.

Statistics are almost as exciting in baseball as actual games. Can't change my mind.

There will be a short maintenance tonight, probably not longer than 10 minutes but that's always how it starts 😂

After the first day in the new league the team is first in the division with a 12-4 record. I know there's a lot of time left but I'm feeling great about this one. Hopefully we'll clinch the playoffs again!

I've been playing with this program for a while to create Mastodon posts from a Docker container in the command line. It's not very useful when ran manually but it could be used for posting new releases in build pipelines and all that jazz.

Started the new season 4-0, having deja vu about this. :D

In other news my team got eliminated in the National Conference finals, but we went all the way to game 7. It was a stellar performance and I'm very proud!
I'm also delighted to announce we've been promoted to the "Stone League". First game is in roughly 20 minutes, we'll see how we fare against the competition in this tier.

I'm wondering if there's any value in serving this instance over the Tor network. I don't want to do it if there's little to no benefit, I know I don't use Tor at all 🤷

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