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Well qemu networking is not doing great on macOS so I guess I'll use my desktop linux.

I tried the old VirtualBox but I can't seem to install any machines so that's that 🤷

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So now I'm creating a qemu machine to be able to make a pull request to nerdctl and try to add it.

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I wanted to switch from Docker Desktop to nerdctl but it looks like it lacks the ability to parse the depends_on configuration in compose mode.

Chivalry 2 is so intense and the combat is so visceral it makes me really angry when I lose, it's very hard to explain how it is different than other games I've played recently.

I'm really enjoying Sniper Elite 5. I'll probably replay all of the games after I finished with this.

Finally pulled Jazz Chisholm from a pack in MLB 22. Well my fiance did.

I totally forgot to do the upgrade so I'll do it first thing in the morning. Sorry 😂

Also not to toot my own horn (pun not intended) but the average rating of my cards was around 85 cause of the mission grind, while my opponent had an all-diamond team.

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Played my first ranked game in MLB and my opponent quit in the 7th inning with me in the lead by 6. I wasn't even playing good but their pitching was just low pitches all day, pretty predictable. The lag was pretty shit though.

Only need 10k program XP to get the last card in the program, never made it this far on the track, feeling great about it.

Getting that Tarkov itch again... Hope we're close to the wipe.

The Dundalk Topcats made it to the playoffs in this tier as well. Super happy about it! It's getting harder and harder to upgrade though. 😂

Poor Winckowski, young kid got called up to the Red Sox last night, gave away 4 runs (1 HR), 6 hits and 3 walks in the three innings he played. Hope he uses this to motivate himself cause we need some good starters.

The Bob's Burgers Movie was an absolute blast. Had a great time watching it.

Next Tuesday evening around 9pm UTC I'll be upgrading the Mastodon version under the instance. There will be some downtime but the upgrade doesn't have any critical changes so it should be smooth.

Stoked to be reading and hopefully playing Shadowrun stuff again

The difference between the state of Hardspace: Shipbreaker when I bought and refunded it and now is gigantic. It's good to see they improved so much by the time it got to 1.0.

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