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Anyone an expert here in Vampire Survivors? How do you die in this game?

I know I whine about this a lot, but the lack of body diversity in both AAA and indie games is so disappointing and boring. I'm tired of everyone being skinny - stylized or not. I'm bored of all characters being the same height. Every character in every game is starting to look the same and it makes every gaming experience worse for it.

Sometimes my sense of humor is really weird because I will giggle at certain jokes I made, but if someone else made those same jokes, I'd be extremely annoyed. No, I will not reflect on this.

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Does anyone have any experience with youtube locking videos to private falsely claiming it violated some guidelines? (Certainly done automatically.)
I can't appeal, it says "Appeal not available" and I'm struggling to find any contact aside from the general "feedback" option.

Me: How do you look yourself in the mirror!?
Extremely large people: One leg at a time.

Does anyone know of anyhing like Would love some online "social music listening" kind of thing to be honest.

It tends to confuse people when I look them in the eyes and say "Shrugs in real life." then walk away.

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Gonna share it here as well because I'm very proud of the progress I've made recently - even though there was a short break from the project before that.
I added the Five Tool system into my baseball simulation program and generated the first game in the 1926 Spring Training of Baseball Association of Irish Labor Unions:

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Space contraption drawing tutorial!

1) Draw a shape
2) Segment the shape into a few sections
3) Detail those sections. Think rivets, pipes, hatches, vents, grills, circuits, wires, windows.
4) Add some outside detail! Think solar panels, sails, aerials, more pipes, wires.

Go Go Go!

#Tutorial #MastoArt

Turns out I can get a lot of things done in the morning when I get enough sleep. Who would have thought.

On a semi related note: how awkward is it when your therapist wants you to talk about video games?

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I remember being younger and not only not crying at art, but also not understanding crying at art.
Now, even thinking about Disco Elysium makes me cry.

All the music I have on my Bandcamp page is free (pay what you want) to download and listen to. I appreciate every single listen and I'm really happy if you enjoy what I made.
However if you did want to buy my music, today would be the day to do it as Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share for the whole day.

I really like Weird West, but the inventory management alone makes me not want to play it. :|

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How to draw a mushroom house.

Off you go, then. I expect to be inundated with mushroom houses within the hour.


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So I have this track that I used to be really sad about, because I couldn't figure it out how to make it "whole". I wanted to add more to it, but none of my ideas felt right in practice. I listened to the track today and I am actually really happy with it as it is.

Received a care package from friends. Zelda's already laying claim to most of the stuff.

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