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Not to be too sour, but I wish the calls for normalizing toxic behavior remained on Twitter.
Same for the call outs about imaginary situations, AKA making up a guy to mad at.
I'd mention the low-effort comedy toots as well, but that would make me a hypocrite I suppose.

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this is the drawing I've still not finished after working on it (on and off) for several months! something is missing, and I don't know how to bring it to a close. any suggestions?


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if you don't know what #veloren is you should totes check it out because it's FUN AS HELL


it's kinda like breath of the wild but with the minecraft artstyle (and with elements of dwarf fortress thrown in)

another way of describing it is "like cube world but good"

i cannot overstate just how awesome this game is, and it's only in pre-alpha

the graphics, the soundtrack, the gameplay -- it's all top-notch

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Make fucking video games playable as solo. You fucking pricks.

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"Capitalism must die... before it kills us all!"
Sticker spotted in Melbourne

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So if anyone's worried about people going around stealing passwords on Mastodon after reading this article, the vulnerability only affects instances using the Glitch fork (or forks of that fork, etc). There is no way in vanilla Mastodon to add HTML to your toots.

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omg i found this adorable #gamejam on itch! it looks beautiful, definitely can’t wait to watch what people make…
picoCAD Jam 83: Magic
“Make a tiny low-poly 3D model using picoCAD. No prior 3D experience required. All skill levels welcome!”
everything pico-8 is beautiful. this stuff is like catnip for me lol 😍😊✨
#indiedev #gamedev #inspiration #pixelart #pico8

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The 24 hour wait is over, here we go:
(Not sure why this janky URL if I reserved my handle a week ago but oh well.)

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It's been a while but I'm going live on Twitch for an hour or so. Just a chill EVE Online stream with some music in the background. Join me and let's talk about silly or not so silly things.

AI generated art, faces, eye contact 

New cover art for a not so new album I made:
Almost entirely AI generated. Really happy with it, though I do have mixed feelings about AI generated art in general.

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Lol if I was an employee of a company that was in full-blown self-destruct mode and I had to suddenly arbitrarily spend 40 hrs a week of my waking life in an office with Elon Musk... I have to think he's intentionally sabotaging shit, but he's gonna continue to lose so much goddamn money; it doesn't make any sense.

The myth of meritocracy is preposterous. Richest man on the planest has a fuckin potato for a brain

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Hmm, I wonder if I link my Steam curator page will it get buried like on twitter? Only one way to find out I guess!

Follow my page, the games I recommend will show up on the Steam front page for you. Leaning more towards indie, and I don't promote games with predatory monetization.

I'm really, desperately wishing for a good alternative to Twitch.

Quick and easy way to tell people you're a moron:
Start a negative game review by writing (a variation of) "I really wanted to like this game"

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